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Meet the 2024 Bands:





Sami Michelsen is an artist in every sense of the word. She has a striking ability to reimagine melodies to make them her own, and she does so with both incredible power and vulnerability. Michelsen possesses an alluring range as a mezzo-soprano, one that lends itself to her ability to dance with a delicate falsetto, and dive equally into the depths of a dark and sultry register. Unique in her approach and skilled in her execution, Sami has spent years refining her talent and using it as a platform for her thoughts in lyrics and poetry. Michelsen has been performing for over a decade and currently fronts her latest project, electro-pop trio, Reptile Room.

From rocking festivals to seducing intimate corners throughout the Southeast, the singer has a way of commanding the stage, and captivating anyone within earshot. Michelsen has been featured in Forbes Magazine along with acquiring multiple syncs across various television shows (POWERS, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Teen Mom and many more). Look for Sami to be performing all over Atlanta, along with backing the funk rock legends Mother’s Finest in Europe as well as in the US. Follow her on Instagram (@samisingstheblues) and subscribe to her YouTube Channel - Reptile Room Music. Michelsen is a voice you need to hear, and an artist you will never forget.” - Michelle Swift // The James Fonda



 Since 2004, hundreds of thousands of fans have witnessed the excitement of Who's Bad Music productions on stages around the world. Dedicated to recreating authentic live experiences, Who's Bad was originally founded by Vamsi Tadepalli in 2003 as a tribute to Michael Jackson's musical legacy. Each show brings a new energy that brings Jackson’s music back to life.




Stewart has become a fixture of the Atlanta music scene and has a reputation as one of the most versatile vocalists in town. In addition to pursuing her original music, she is a sought-after session vocalist, guest performer for national touring bands, a prominent member of the ATL Collective family, and dabbles in film and television. 




Platinum Band provides PERSONALIZED, INTERACTIVE, HIGH-ENERGY FUN all night long! We are known as the BEST PARTY BAND because Platinum members are hand-picked to put on the BEST LIVE SHOW, keeping the crowd engaged, and wowing your guests from the very first song to the last song of the night! Platinum band Atlanta is laser-focused on the ultimate performance on and off the stage. With over 20 YEARS of creating magical memories for hundreds of audiences, you can trust Platinum to walk you through planning a perfect event at every step in your planning process.


All the Locals Logo.jpg



ATL based, All The Locals, are shaped n' molded out of the very bricks that make up their southern metropolis. Soulful backbone, a rocknroll attitude, and a shaky blues breakdown of heartfelt lyrics, these locals, including their unique horn section n' crew, vibe out the best of Atlanta's real image.


10,000 MANIACS

Established in 1981, together now for more than four decades, 10,000 Maniacs remain one of America’s most beloved independent bands. They’ve been cult heroes, mainstream stars and alt-rock trailblazers. Through it all the creative core of the band remains, along with its trademarks of eclectic music and poetic lyrics.The band includes founding members, drummer Jerome Augustyniak, keyboardist Dennis Drew, bassist Steven Gustafson, guitarist John Lombardo and lead singer, Mary Ramsey who's been working with that band for over 30 years.

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